Naturopathic Medicine

I know frustrating it can be to get the health results you expect when left to your own in the aisles of the health food stores and from the ethers of the internet. The haze of misinformation in the news and lifestyle television shows only adds to the confusion.

My advice is, "Don't give up!"

I look at your case as a forensic diagnostician taking into account your medical history, family history, nationality, blood type, Ayurvedic dosha, and TCM health pattern combined with physical and nutritional examination. Laboratory work-up, functional medicine testing and necessary imaging are utilized to reach a proper diagnosis and clarify issues regarding nutritional excesses or deficiencies, digestive health, hormonal imbalances, thyroid and adrenal issues, inflammation, autoimmune conditions and more!

Digestive health is fundamentally important to whatever condition we are treating, so needless to say, all digestive conditions are addressed with natural medicine. Reflux, SIBO, malabsorption, food allergies, IBS, diarrhea, constipation and inflammatory bowel disease must be treated properly for any and all other health related problems to be effectively resolved.---Dr. Debra Anastasio

Insurance Coverage: Only at New England Naturopathic Center- Anthem BC/BS, Aetna, Cigna, Connecticare, Harvard Pilgrim, United Health Care-Oxford of CT plans only.  


NEW ENGLAND NATUROPATHIC CENTER- New Patient $270, Follow-up $135 [pay at time of service]

THE WELLNESS CENTER [pre-pay via link]- New Patient $240, Follow-up $120


Thermography can be utilized to detect early tissue changes or to detect conditions that do not appear on ordinary imaging.  This is a vital piece to a comprehensive preventative medicine regimen as well as a directive to take action for treatment of certain conditions.  Pricing is based on baseline vs. follow-up and amount of imaging to be conducted.  

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& Supportive Cancer Care

Pyschological states, including exposure to stressors, can negatively impact immune function. It isn't enough to name the condition, i.e. "Lyme Disease" or "Fibryomyalgia," without addressing the mind and emotions in addition to immune function. The same applies to cancer. Treatment needs to go beyond just focusing on killing cancer cells. Allergies, asthma and inflammatory conditions alike require the mind & body working together to optimize your own defenses against disease without over-reacting.

• IgG & IgE Allergy Testing & Treatment

• Homeopathic Immune Treatments

• Functional Testing of Digestion & Immunity

• Botanical Medicine for Immunity

• Nutrition for Inflammation, Specific Cancers & Autoimmune conditions

• Cancer Molecular & Genetic Risk Analysis

• Circadian Balancing for Optimal Immunity, Hormones & Blood Sugar

• Mind-Body approach to immunity

• Cognition, Concussion & Attention Care

• Earthing Treatments

• Bio-Breathing

• Acupressure for Stress & Immunity, 

Endocrinology & Fertility Enhancement Program

I conduct an evaluation of hormones using conventional and functional medicine testing. The foundation for establishing normal hormone function is by Identifying metabolic & genetic obstacles and addressing emotional & psychological health as a path to balanced hormones.

• Plant Based Hormone Replacement Therapy & Botanical Medicine Hormone Balancing

• Menstrual Problems, PCOS & Menopause

• Diabetes & Cholesterol Problems

• Adrenal & Thyroid Problems

• Comprehensive Natural Fertility Enhancement for Couples

• Preconception Planning to Reduce Risk of Birth Defects & Complications of Pregnancy

• Natural Treatment of Conditions & Complications of pregnancy

• Natural Birth Planning & Recovery Measures for Labor & Delivery

• Prevention and Treatment of Post-partum Depression.

• Natural Treatment for Breech Presentation (in coordination with OB services)

• Pre & Post In-Vitro Acupuncture (in coordination with fertility services)

Natural Dermatology

& Beauty Therapies

Hair, Skin & Nail conditions require evaluation of digestion, nutrition, and hormonal balance at the very least. A combination of testing, meal planning, optimizing digestion, cleansing, and topical care combined is an effective way to diminish or eradicate unwanted dermatological conditions. Avoiding toxic medications, i.e. synthetic Vitamin A, steroids & chronic antibiotics, is the goal for preventing lifelong health problems associated with those drugs. I also offer safe alternatives to interventional dermatology for aging & beauty that won't leave you disfigured or toxic. 

Cleansing & Detoxification Treatments

By now most people have heard about or have tried some form of cleansing therapy. Not all cleanses are suitable for everyone. It is always best to have professional guidance, determine the purpose of the cleanse and create an individual approach as opposed to just buying something and trying it. I encourage the uses of cleanses for those with high exposure such as fireman & construction workers/builders, as preparation for couples 3 months prior to conception, as recovery from infertility hormone therapies or after chemotherapy regimens are completed. I also recommend spiritual healing & introspective cleansing plans as well. Juicing, Raw Food Diet, Gallbladder Flushes, Castor Packs, Colonics and more can be included in the regimens.

• Heavy Metal & Environmental Toxicology Testing

• Far Infrared Sauna Treatment

• Ionic Detoxification Footbath

• Lymphatic Cleansing

• Nature Cure Therapies

• Cleansing Regimens

Nutritional Therapy & Weight Loss Programs

I use a combination of nutritional physical evaluation, conventional laboratory testing & functional medicine testing to determine nutritional needs for a personalized treatment plan.  

Meal planning, calorie tracking,and specialized diets are incorporated including blood type, paleo, dosha, keto, gluten free, allergen free, SIBO, FodMaps, vegetarian, and athletic training are examples of specific dietary regimens.

Incorporation of physical fitness regimens including menstural cycle athletic training are offered.

Botanical Medicine & Aromatherapy

I use a variety of botanical medicine interventions including our bulk herbal products, tinctures, encapsulations, essential oils, plants extracts, and more.  

Our plant allies are in integral part of nearly all regimens, especially for hormone management, immunity, and cleansing.

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I am inviting my patients to submit their testimonials on their experience with naturopathic medical care.  Please email with your experiences!

- Dr. Debra

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